2021 m. balandžio 19–20 d. Suomijos nacionalinė „Erasmus+“ agentūra kartu su Islandijos nacionaline „Erasmus+“ agentūra organizuoja virtualų teminį seminarą „Building up the capacity – family and school together for well-being“.

Dalis šio renginio pranešimų bus transliuojami tiesiogiai, todėl pasinaudokite proga ir stebėkite Kanados, Islandijos, Suomijos ir Europos Komisijos atstovų pranešimus.

Tikslinė grupė – ikimokyklinio, priešmokyklinio ir bendrojo ugdymo organizacijų atstovai.

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Timetable for the livestream (Central European time) Note that the timetable on the livestream channel is in local, Finnish time.

Monday 19.4.2021

10.15 – 10.45

Why cooperation with parents matters Ulla Siimes, Executive director, Finnish Parents League 

Siimes leads the office of Finnish Parents’ League and is passionate about children and family wellbeing.

The Finnish model for the well-being of children and young people

Iina Berden, Special Government Advisor, Division for Art and Work and Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland

Berden’s work relates to cultural policy, children’s and the young people’s right to participate in arts and in cultural life as well as European Union policy in the field of art and culture. Her aim is to keep up with children’s wishes and ideas and combine them with innovative actions.



Tools for parental involvement and support, European Toolkit for Schools

Aristea Politi, European commission

Aristea’s work is focused on policies for inclusive education. She is managing the European Toolkit for schools which aims at tackling Early School Leaving and promoting inclusive education through more collaborative and holistic approaches.

Short break


Mental health literacy from early childhood education and care to higher education and teacher training

Yifeng Wei, PhD, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry Dpt, Dalhousie University, Canada

Dr. Yifeng Wei’s research interests include knowledge translation in school mental health, focusing on promoting mental health literacy, reducing stigma of mental illness and improving help-seeking behaviors in secondary schools. Her work is interdisciplinary and geared to contributing to mental health promotion and early intervention at national and international levels.

Tuesday 20.4.2021


Parental involvement in compulsory schools in Iceland

Kristín Jónsdóttir, Associate professor in pedagogy and didactics, University of Iceland

Dr Kristín Jónsdóttir (kjons@hi.is) is an associate professor in pedagogy and didactics. She is leading Faculty of Education and Pedagogy at School of Education, University of Iceland. Her research fields are home–school relationship, school development, and teacher education.

Introduction to the Erasmus+ programme and a project example from Iceland

Jón Svanur Jóhannsson, Erasmus+ SE Senior Adviser, Icelandic Erasmus+ National Agency



Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy – DDP attitude in working with traumatized children/young people and their parents/carers

Pirjo Tuovila, DDP-therapist

Tuovila is a specialist in educational and developmental psychology having over 40 years´ experience as a clinical psychologist. Half of that time she has been working in her own company DDP Finland as a therapist, consultant and trainer in Tampere. Her specialty is children and young people suffering from developmental trauma and their carers/workers in different contexts.